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We’re continually producing new podcast material and are always looking for new opportunities to share the story of Gettysburg with you. Follow us on your favorite podcast app. And we love your participation. So, please keep in touch through our social media and join in this adventure with us. 



These large-scale productions are designed to bring the story of the Gettysburg Campaign to you in an engaging and dramatic way. We believe that too many people think that “history is boring” because it was taught to them in boring ways. This isn’t meant as a slight against anyone, just a dose of honesty. We aim to prove the “history is boring” crowd wrong by focusing on the humanity of war: the human emotions and, most of all, the human toll.



The unique thing about visiting Gettysburg is the Licensed Battlefield Guide force. And, as far as Addressing Gettysburg is concerned, if you haven’t done a battlefield tour with a guide, you’re missing out. Our Ask A Gettysburg Guide shows are extremely popular! So, if you have a question that you’ve always wanted an answer to, your search is over. Send your question to matt@addressinggettysburg.com and we’ll do our best to answer it on air.



We appreciate the financial support that our patrons give us. And, in return, we provide them with microhistories and interviews with authors, GNMP rangers, LBGs, public historians, and hosts of other history podcasts. Notice we said “Gettysburg” and not “the battle of Gettysburg”. That’s because Addressing Gettysburg is not simply a battle of Gettysburg podcast, but, rather, a podcast about all of the history of the world’s most famous American small town.

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When GNMP puts on public Winter Lectures, Addressing Gettysburg records the audio for each one, ad-free, so you can listen and learn while you work or drive and won’t have to fidget with Youtube ad interruptions. Due to the COVID restrictions imposed by the State of Pennsylvania, 2021’s Winter Lectures were not public. Therefore, Addressing Gettysburg has no audio of any Park Service programs from the Winter of 2021. However, the link below will take you to some of the lectures done prior to the COVID restrictions.



As we grow in Patrons and sponsors, we intend to move into video production. The ideas discussed thus far are short documentaries about various actions from the battle of Gettysburg, biographies of participants in the battle and more. We also plan to produce a live video show, twice a month, which covers what is going on in the town of Gettysburg today.