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Addressing Gettysburg

From the start, it’s been our goal to provide quality programming about the town of Gettysburg, the battle, and the wealth of stories and details surrounding this historic place. Having the help of such knowledgeable and enthusiastic partners has made that effort thoroughly enjoyable. We cannot thank our team enough.


Matt Callery


Growing up in New Jersey, Matt’s fascination with history began at a very young age. Family trips to historic sites often included Civil War locations, with Gettysburg being a favorite. Over the years, Matt developed considerable skills in video and audio production. A fan of Howard Stern, Matt’s early efforts were to create material for his own podcast centered on pop culture topics. Having visited Gettysburg in his childhood, he later moved there, and went to work leading battlefield bicycle tours. Sometime later, he returned to New Jersey but it didn’t take long for him to feel something drawing him back to Pennsylvania. So, he came back to make Gettysburg his home. A lifelong friend and fellow “history nerd” encouraged Matt to combine his love of history with his talents in studio production to create a podcast about Gettysburg. And so in 2019, with raw enthusiasm, a knack for making interesting conversation, and a makeshift studio, Matt launched the Addressing Gettysburg podcast. He’ll be the first to tell you that it has been a team effort and that he’s grateful for the support of many wonderful people along the way.


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