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History is important and should be remembered! Gettysburg has a rich history not only from the Civil War but further back to pre-settler times and even up to the present! The ONLY way to TRULY experience Gettysburg is on a bike with one of our Licensed Battlefield Guides. You can contact us at 717-752-7752 or explore our website for more details and booking.  LEARN MORE

Civil War Trails

Civil War Trails® has been working with communities since 1994 to share their stories and connect visitors with small towns and big stories across a network that now spans six states. Travelers look to Trails to put them in the footsteps of the generals, soldiers, citizens, and the enslaved who found themselves in the midst of this Civil War. LEARN MORE

Located on historic Baltimore Street in Gettysburg, this house, built in 1810, survived the battle and remains one of the most popular and often-visited locations in town. Featuring a bed and breakfast, tavern and beer garden, and outdoor dining, the Farnsworth House is a must-see on your next visit!    LEARN MORE

With a background that includes radio, journalism, theater, television production, litigation, and even politics, Mike Scott has a passion for history and an insatiable love for good storytelling. Mike is a talented voice actor and audiobook narrator who regularly writes and speaks about historical events and personalities, and works with several local museums, libraries and historical societies. Let Mike Scott tell YOUR story…and together, let’s make history!    LEARN MORE

Located on York Street in Gettysburg, For The Historian sells a wide variety of military history books from publishers like Osprey, Casemate, Guideline, Histoire & Collections and Mushroom Model Publications. They also feature a great collection of Britains military miniatures and aircraft for sale.  LEARN MORE

Looking for high quality items to show your love of history or as a gift for a friend?  Visit our website to find nicely designed clothing, home decor, and other products featuring Gettysburg and American history themes.  Enter the discount code AG1523 at checkout and RECEIVE 15% OFF YOUR ORDER.     LEARN MORE

O Be Joyfull Tours provides some of the very best guided walking tours of historic Harpers Ferry, WV.  We’re also rated the #1 ghost tour in Harpers Ferry by TripAdvisor. Plus, you can experience the stories and songs of the Civil War era through our entertaining concert shows. Contact us today and plan your unique Harpers Ferry visit.   LEARN MORE

The Badge Maker produces and sells some of the finest American Civil War Corps Badges and other handmade historical reproductions including patriotic ribbons, jewelry, watch chains, pins, headwear, and other unique items. Visit the website and explore the wide variety available.  LEARN MORE

Are you looking for Civil War themed items yourself or that history nerd in your life? Then look no further than 1863 Designs! We offer a wide variety of stickers and apparel that stretch from units to insignia to your favorite line from the movie Gettysburg! New designs are always being released so make sure to check out our social media @1863designs to stay up to date on what’s coming! We also take commissions as well as offer whole sale options!  Contact us at 1863designs@gmail.com or visit our Etsy page at  LEARN MORE

Eighty Two Cafe is the one-stop coffee shop for the best in artisan coffees in the Gettysburg area. We sell individual cups of coffee, as well as pastries and small food items, bags of roasted beans, and other drinks.  All of our coffee is roasted and prepared in the store from our supplier, the Ragged Edge Roasting Company.  LEARN MORE

It began here … An unforgettable Gettysburg experience begins here, too.  Here you will discover Gettysburg’s first day of fighting, one of the battlefield’s largest hospitals, and dilemmas that caused the nation to rupture, all in a building that was itself a part of the battle.


Enjoy History In So Many Ways!  Escape into history through movies, documentaries, docudramas, and how-tos! Find your own way to enjoy history!  All content is selected by history buffs – for history buffs!


Our mission is to brush the dust off the subject of history and engage people with it in fresh new ways!  We hope you enjoy our products, shared experiences, and news interests and look forward to your support in growing TR Historical’s impact on awareness and further development of history projects worldwide.  Visit our site for apparel, decor, gifts, and artwork.  LEARN MORE