Ask A Gettysburg Guide


Licensed Battlefield Guides are the gold standard for learning about Gettysburg in a highly interactive way. We’re so happy to have a close working relationship with the Guide program and our Ask A Gettysburg Guide episodes are some of the most popular shows we generate.


Below are some of our most recent Ask A Guide programs. Our entire library of guide episodes can be found on your favorite podcast app and on the Addressing Gettysburg Playlist on YouTube

Episode 39

The Flying Dutchman? – Howard’s XI Corps

With Stu Dempsey

Episode 38

Homeless Questions

With Jim Pangburn

Episode 37

John Burns

With Tim Smith

Episode 36

Evergreen Cemetery

With Deb Novotny

Episode 35

Myth Bustin’

With Tim Smith

Episode 34

Civil War Artillery

With Phil Cole / Jessie Wheedleton

Episode 33

Captain Johnston’s Recon

With Chris Army

Episode 32

Conversation with Tom Berenger

With Matt Callery / Bo Brinkman

Episode 31

The 16th Maine Infantry

With Charlie Fennell